The story of our workshop starts at late 90s as a family business of Mikhail Maschinetz and Iva Derugina.

This time Mikhail was working at Yaroslavl Valdorf School and after classes he was mastering jigger that he's brought from Germany. Iva was painting toys in original eclectic style combining russian traditionalizm with Valdorf's principles.

Soon the first toys were invented - cars, animals, Easter eggs, "Gnome in a hut" puzzle. Mainly they were crafted for friends and their own son Peter but soon they were presented at fair in Valdorf school.

In 2003 Mikhail and Iva were invited to present their toys at Spaso-Preobrazhensky monastery in the center of Yaroslavl. Russian and foreign turists were delighted with their toys. Since that time Mikhail and Iva have decided to open a workshop and hired employees.

Today more than 30 people are working at the Workshop creating about 150 kinds of toys and suveneers. You can find our toys at any part of Russia and around the world (Germany, Spain, China, Australia)

Our toys a higly appreciated and have many awards at exhibitions and specialized shows. In 2004 we've got quality mark and certificate «Детские психологи рекомендуют», Russia.