Repka Cats on the tree
  08025, Repka,
size: 23*12*4 cm
  08019, Cats on the tree,
size: 14*20*4 cm


Geese and swans, stove Geese and swans, apple-tree
  08034, Geese and swans, stove,
size: 29*16*2.5 cm
  08023, Geese and swans, apple-tree,
size: 14*20*2.5 cm


 Teremok (with a Bear) The Bremen musicians on the tree
  08015, Teremok (with a Bear),
size: 8х15х1.8 cm
  08017, The Bremen musicians on the tree,
size: 14х20х4 cm


Under the Mushroom Kurochka Ryaba
  08009, Under the Mushroom,
size: 8*15*2.5 cm
  08021, Speckled hen (Kurochka Ryaba),
size: 9*14 cm


The wolf and the seven little goats
  08020, The wolf and the seven little goats,
size: 15*20 cm


Kolobok Baba-Yaga
  08024, Kolobok,
size: 27*14 cm
  08033, Baba-Yaga in her Hut,
size: 17*21 cm


A hen and her chickens Christmas
  08001, A hen and her chickens,
size: 24*10 cm
  08028, Christmas,
size: 19*11 cm


Gnome inside the tree The hare inside the tree
  08003, The Gnome inside the tree,
size: 8*11 cm
  08012, The hare inside the tree,
size: 19*11 cm


The three little Pigs New Year family
  08010, The three little Pigs,
size: 28*11 cm
  08022, New Year family,
size: 12*8.5*1.8 cm


Santa Claus Christmas Angel
  08002, Santa Claus in the house,
size: 7*8 cm
  08022, Christmas Angel in the church,
size: 7*11 cm