TALES of LIGHT - is a design studio where we create exclusive lamps made of wood, bamboo and other natural materials.

Our values and features:

high performance
We appreciate minimalizm and laconic principles concerning the shapes of our lamps. The main purpose is to perform effective and ambient lighting for any one who use it. Each of our lamp is telling a certain "story".

nice to the touch
We pay especiall attention to tactile sensing of our objects. We prefer to use wood because of its warmth and friendly to touch. We apply various technologies of polishing and surface finishing. Most of our objects are made by hands.

efficiency and usability
Several lanterns we specify as "for kids". We'd like to create lanterns that not only illuminates and decorate your space but also can be used as a part of playing process, for example as a toy, transformer or implementator! We try to make them more functional and safe - you can easily carry them over or even to take into your hands as a kitty.

attention to details
We have enough experience designing and producing lighting objects to understand the importance of quality furnishing. We've choosen the best switches, cables, sockets, plugs and etc.

As a theatre begins with a hanger - lantern begins with a plug.
TALES OF LIGHT uses the best materials and furnishing:
- high quality wood adhesive made in Germany
- wax, wood treatments and paint are made by Biofa
- transparent and textile braiding wires are made in Italy
- unique male screws are ordering at the helicopter's factory
- high quality stainless steel furnishing
- we produce our unique and safe wooden switches
- electrical furnishing is made by ARDITI and LE GRAND

interior decoration
Our lamps easily fits into any space and definitely plays a role of decoration accent.

unique and exclusive

TALES of LIGHT implements the ideas of Alex Krendel - a photographer, designer and yachtsman. He is a member at many expositions in Europe and Russia.

Alex remembers: " ... Once upon a time, inspecting the waste container of my carpenter's workshop I found out a quite ready collection of objects and since that time I've desided to make Lamps. Each new thing I've got I try to see as future lighting object. A desire to make new design object is intensified when I realise that it will give light to people! A very important thing of our life. Within 20 years of creation lighting objects I've tryed a lot of forms, ideas and materials. During this period filament lamps have gone to the past and a new generation of LED lamp has come. But I still feel myself at the beginning because searching of Beauty is an infinite process. That inspires me most of all."

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