Our Laboratory is constantly inventing something new! Look!


Cars and bridges repka magn
  06023, Cars and bridges, size: 25*45*4 cm   10014, Repka (magnetic),8 figs


slav axe stone axe
  13022, Slavonian Axe, size: 55*18 cm   13023, Stone-axe, size: 55*12 cm


Lizards will teach you Math masha3bears
   06024, "Lizards will teach you Math" (56 lizards), size of 1 lizard: 5.5*5 cm   10013, 10013, Masha and three Bears, 4 figs, size: 26.5*18*4 cm

Coming up soon:

1. A new version of "Travelling circus"
2. A new set "Cars and pedestrians"
3. Brainteaser "The Cats"
4. Updated "Kolobok"
5. A new set for painting "Home Animals"