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Hundertwasser House

Hundertwasser House


Vendor code 13009
Dimensions: 25x25x4 cm. Weight: 1.3 kg. Materials: wood (lime tree), Biofa wax. Has European certification. Hand-painted. Safe paints.


This design is inspired by the work of the famous Austrian architect and artist, Friedensreich Hundertwasser (1928-2000). "Not a single straight line" - the main principle of his architecture is embodied in our construction set! You can build fanciful structures from the parts of the constructor, and it is a challenge to assemble this constructor in its original form, making it suitable for quick-witted kids from 4 years old and up! An excellent choice for your interior decor: If you put a nightlight behind the house, its windows will glow. The set consists of 29 elements and a wooden tray. Some parts (windows, drainpipe) have an unpainted pair. The set includes 2 trees, a bench, steps