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Magic Wild Geese (The Apple Tree)

Magic Wild Geese (The Apple Tree)


Vendor code 08023
Dimensions: 12x18 cm. The thickness: 2 cm. Weight: 250 grams. Materials: wood (birch), water-based acrylic paint, water-based varnish. Packed in a cardboard boх. Hand-painted. Safe paints.


The composition is an episode from the Russian folk tale "Geese-Swans". According to the plot of the tale, Alyonushka goes in search of her missing brother and finds him in the hut of Baba Yaga, a witch from Russian folklore. Baba Yaga starts chasing the children, but the apple tree helps them hide from the evil witch. Each piece is hand-painted on all sides. The characters are artistically finished figurines and made exclusively of play material. Assembling the composition into a whole is a separate game task, and here it plays the role of a jigsaw puzzle, which develops thinking. An excellent educational toy for children 3 years old and up.The puzzle consists of 8 pieces.