Under the Mushroom

Under the Mushroom


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Dimensions: 15x18 cm, the fox - 12x7 cm. The thickness of the tree is 2 cm. Weight: 420 g. Materials: wood (birch), water-based acrylic paint, water-based varnish. Packed in a cardboard box. Personalized gift wrapping is also an option! Hand-painted. Safe paints.


The puzzle, "Under the mushroom" is based on the fairy tale of the Russian writer Vladimir Suteyev. In the story, an ant waits out the rain under the cap of a mushroom, but soon a butterfly, drenched to the skin, asks to join him. The ant is worried that there won't be enough room under the mushroom, but he lets her in. The mouse and the sparrow also want to hide from the rain, and finally, the hare, chased by the fox joins as well. The animals have to squeeze together, but there is enough space under the mushroom for everyone! How is it that the mushroom, which at the beginning of the downpour could barely fit one ant under it, eventually fit many critters and even a hare? It is up to your child to guess! The animals in the compositions are artistically complete figurines and are made entirely of play material. All elements are hand-painted on both sides. A separate play task is assembling the composition into a whole, and here it plays the role of a jigsaw puzzle which develops thinking skills. The set consists of 8 elements: 6 animals "under the mushroom", the fox, the base in the form of a mushroom.