Crusaders (Knights) (6 figures)

Crusaders (Knights) (6 figures)


Vendor code 06005
Dimensions: up to 9 cm. Weight: 350 gr. Materials: wood (birch), water-based acrylic paint, water-based varnish. Packaged in a cardboard box. There is an option of personalized gift wrapping! Has European certification. Hand-painted. Safe paints.


Set of Crusader Knights is great for role-playing games involving historical wars and heroic deeds: in this type of game, children can identify with the heroic characters. The set includes four foot warriors in various poses with different armaments and one mounted warrior. Some of the warriors may be holding a spear. With the characters, children can engage in free play which is an integral part of the formation of human personality. This is great for developing speech, imagination and fine motor skills. The perfect gift for a boy! The set consists of 6 figures (5 warriors, 1 horse).