The Village set

The Village set


Vendor code 10019
imensions: houses - 10x15x4 cm, trees - up to 14 cm. Weight: 700 gr. Materials: wood (birch), water-based acrylic paint, water-based varnish. Packed in a cardboard box. Certified for children from 3 years old and up. Hand-painted. Safe paints.


Houses, trees, bushes, benches and fences - these play elements become the characters of free play for children. Each house has its own temperament, expressed in color and shape: the yellow sanguine house is joyfully stretched; the blue house is melancholic thinking; the shape of the red house indicates the choleric stoutness; and the green phlegmatic house stands quietly and firmly. The roof of the houses is formed with tree bark. The three wood species - apple, linden and spruce - are also unique from one another - there is no monotony in this game! A great advantage of the game, "Little village" is its versatility. The elements of the set will go well with the toys that are already in the nursery. "The Village" does not create the rules of children's play, but a space for it. This principle is used in Waldorf kindergartens. The set consists of 21 elements: 4 houses, 3 trees, 3 bushes, 9 fences, 2 benches.